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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Labour defection gives NHAP their first councillor

Councillor Mark Jarnell, who was an Independent Councillor for Chorley in Lancashire, after leaving the Labour party a couple of weeks ago, has been approved by the NHA national executive to become the party’s first representative in England and he has formally notified his Council of the change. There is no indication that Mark Jarnell will trigger a by-election to seek a mandate from the electorate after originally being elected as a Labour councillor in 2014.

Commenting on his defection Mark Jarnell said: "I am very proud to be the current serving Chorley Borough Councillor for the Euxton South ward. Through this work and the challenges I face to support my community in these difficult times I have gained valuable insight into the workings of the council and its links to the NHS".

"I know what the real impact across the country of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans will be and I see the NHA taking a stand to oppose the damage being done. I have become disillusioned with the direction of the three main parties who are all complicit in the plans for the backdoor privatisation of the NHS. I was an Independent ​C​ouncillor, but now I am officially NHA’s first council representative in England. I hope others will follow my lead." Mark Jarnell commented.

Dr Paul Hobday, the NHA party leader said, "We are delighted by Cllr Jarnell’s decision. There is a transfer of responsibility taking place from central to local government, at speed and seemingly under duress. It is essential that we have voices at all levels speaking out about what is really happening."

"The National Health Action Party welcomes Cllr Jarnell and are happy to hear from other
​C​ouncillors who are concerned about the destruction of our public services." Paul Hobday added.

A local Labour councillor was asked for a comment but did not respond.