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Monday, 17 June 2013

Labour call on airlines to Introduce 'speedy boarding' at airports for members of the UK armed forces

The Labour party is today calling for the UK's airlines to introduce ‘speedy boarding’ for members of UK Armed Forces. The Shadow Defence Secretary, Jim Murphy, has written to the 22 UK airlines proposing that they offer this special service but none have so far agreed. Labour say they're urging them to think again and introduce this public symbol of support for UK military personnel.

This is a practice implemented by American Airlines for US Armed Forces and the Labour party say they believe "we can learn a lot from the US in terms of how military personnel are publicly valued. It is essential that all sections of society support and thank our Armed Forces."

Shadow Defence Secretary, 
Jim Murphy, said: "Speedy boarding for UK heroes would be a fitting public tribute. I am disappointed this is not being embraced by UK airlines. There is much we can learn from our US friends on how we celebrate the unique contribution made by those in uniform. I urge all UK airlines to think about how they can do more to reflect our national pride in the Armed Forces community."