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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Labour do nothing as the Tories block plans to alleviate the housing crisis

The Liberal Democrats led by Tim Farron have blasted the Tories and Labour for not supporting a series of proposals that would help alleviate the housing crisis. The Liberal Democrats proposed a plan to try and help by:
  • Allowing councils to build more houses through lifting the current arbitrary cap on council borrowing.
  • Encouraging a massive increase in house building to 300,000 per annum by setting out a long-term housing plan for the next 20-30 years - something the government has failed to do.
  • Building 10 New Garden Cities including 5 in the South East.

The vote was lost after Tory MP's voted against the reasonable motion en masse. Labour simply sat on their hands and abstained.

Commenting outside the chamber after the result, Tim Farron said: "The Government must give us a long term plan for fixing the problems of housing supply as a matter of urgency. They had that chance today and they ducked it. They have failed millions of people trying to get on the housing ladder and those who aspire to get further up the ladder."

Attacking Labour and the Tories, Mr Farron said: "The Conservatives do little, talk a lot and make people rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad. Labour are no better, they sat on their hands and did not vote to help those hard working and entrepreneurial young people who dream of a home to call their own."

"Liberal Democrats are calling for an immediate lifting of the borrowing cap for councils, so they can build more homes, and for ten new garden cities. Unless we build enough homes to meet demand, year after year, housing costs will rise further out of reach." Tim Farron added.